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When you invest within private real estate syndication, you are pooling your capital with that of other qualified investors for the purpose of investing in larger and more lucrative real estate projects. This affords the lone investor an opportunity to participate with an organized group of like-minded investors in the ownership of a revenue property that is too much to handle singly or in a joint venture with just one or two others.

Additionally, investing in private real estate syndications provides the individual investor the potential to achieve higher profits through economies of scale and diversification with lower volatility than the average equity investment.

Focus of Palacio Development Group; L.L.C. is to own income-generating residential or commercial real estate, with investors having an interest in tangible “brick and mortar” assets. This characteristic is untrue of many other investments and provides added security for your investment.


How does the program work:

In the investment world there are very few safe investments that consistently yield double digit returns. With Palacio Development Group; L.L.C. the type of investment we acquire or develop can create an alternative to Pension Funds, IRAs, Discretionary Capital, CD's or a Retirement Account. Preserving capital while yielding high returns on your investment is why we invest. Palacio Development Group; L.L.C. can achieve these goals.

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