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How does the program work?


Palacio Development Group, L.L.C. Investment Process:


Step 1:

Inquiry and Introduction

An Investor contacts our office indicating there interest. We schedule an introductory meeting or phone conversation to assess the investor’s specific interest in out investments. This is where we will check qualifications as an Accredited Investor.


Step 2:

Send out Investor packet

A packet is sent out with all our terms and conditions of the fund. Included you will see a confidentiality agreement, questionnaire, and non-disclosure agreement for the real estate investment fund. Once all this info is signed and received by our office we will send out a Limited Offering Memorandum (LOM).


Step 3:

Read the Limited Offering Memorandum

The solicitation for our real estate fund is sponsored only by Hotel Motel Development Group, LLC. And is only done through our Limited Offering Memorandum (LOM) before committing to any real estate investing through our company.


Step 4:

Sign the offering and send funds

An Investor who desires to participate in our fund signs the subscription agreement and calls the Hotel Motel Development Group, LLC for specific instructions to insure the proper receipt and placement of there investment.


Step 5:


An Investors capital must be accepted in writing by the Hotel Motel Development Group, LLC. Circumstances may arise that limit our ability to accept funds, as in the case of an over-subscribed investment. The Hotel Motel Development Group, LLC reserves the right to accept/decline any investor’s investment capital for any reason. If for any reason an investor sends us funds and is not successfully placed within 3 business days the money will be returned.


Step 6:

Receive LLC Membership Certificate

Upon entering our fund each accepted investor will receive an LLC membership certificate. And a user name and pass word to enter into our site to see our property portfolio. Our online property portfolio is updated as the project progresses. The website is periodically updated with status and news about our properties. Investors will also have the opportunity to attend a quarterly investment meeting or log into our blog for specific questions.

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