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Real Estate Investments

Commercial ● Hotel Development ● Commercial Land for future development

What we provide:

Our experience in development and management of hotel, retail centers, self storage, building of custom homes and land development from entitlement to improvements which include obtaining attractive financing for both construction and permanent loans as part of the total package.

We offer our equity investors the opportunity to partner with us on various types of real estate transactions. Whether it be redevelopment, new development or land banking for future development of properties we can offer one of the highest returns on investments in the industry.

We have constructed our organization from the ground up to do the following things better than anyone else:

To find, acquire, develop, improve, and manage real estate properties with high profit potential, and to offer those opportunities directly to other like minded investors in Member-Partnership. By combining the skill and experience of our team leaders and staff, we are able to accomplish greater results, faster.

In the investment world there are very few safe investments that consistently yield double digit returns. With Palacio Development Group, LLC the type of investment we acquire or develop can create an alternative to Pension Funds, IRAs, Discretionary Capital, CD's or a Retirement Account. Preserving capital while yielding high returns on your investment is why we invest. Palacio Development Group, LLC can achieve these goals.


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