Pinetop-Lakeside is located in the scenic White Mountains of Arizona. Founded in the early 1880s by Mormon pioneers, Lakeside derived its name from the area's lakes, and Pinetop derived its name from the nickname of a saloon keeper who served the Fort Apache soldiers. The two communities incorporated as one town in 1984. Pinetop-Lakeside is known for its extensive tourism and recreational activities, proximity to the world's largest stand of ponderosa pine, and for an outstanding quality of life.


Payson, located at the “heart” of Arizona and a pleasant 90- minute drive from the Phoenix metropolitan area, is renowned for its beauty, recreational opportunities and, more recently, its dynamic business environment. The area enjoys a mild four season climate that attracts international visitor’s year around. Rich in its Western heritage, Payson, with an average trade area population of some 30,000, offers the atmosphere of rural America, with the amenities of a metropolis.

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